Life Care

Our Services

Our Services

We’ve designed our services, so patients can stay at home and receive quality healthcare.

We aren’t a primary care provider, but we coordinate with you, so together we can help you make the best decisions for your patients’ health and thriving.

We make better healthcare accessible.

Registered Nurses

Our RNs come to the patient’s home and coordinate care with you. We like to call them “care architects” because they are the ones with their fingers on the pulse–quite literally–of your patients’ needs.

Smiling nurse standing in an open doorway to a patient's home
Nurse assisting a patient at home with a blood pressure monitor

Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the most important services we offer is Remote Patient Monitoring. Our nurses will bring the equipment your patient needs, ensure it’s working correctly, and connect it with our dashboard. These pieces of equipment–blood pressure monitors, weight scales, and glucose monitors–make it possible for you to stay up-to-date with the most current health data, so you can make the best possible clinical decisions, even when your patient is between visits.

Telehealth Doctor’s Appointments

As part of a coordinated care plan, the first step is to have the patient meet with you virtually. One of our nurses will bring equipment to do so, and they will ensure that it is set up correctly and running smoothly throughout the course of the visit. Then, additional visits will happen in much the same way, with our RN and virtual equipment, unless you deem it an emergency case that requires a trip to the hospital.

Nurse showing a patient how to access telehealth on a tablet

Life Care is care that comes to the patient.

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