Life Care

Our Process

Our Process

At Life Care, our primary goal is to provide quality healthcare to patients who are typically underserved by bringing the health services they need to them in their own homes. We work with primary care physicians to make sure the right supports and resources are in place to best serve patients.

Illustration representing a nurse showing a patient how to use a tablet

In-home RN Visits

Our RNs and providers visit patients at home and meet them right where they live. We use the latest technology and internet access to provide remote telehealth visits, while the LPNs assist patients to make sure there are no issues in getting the care they need.

Illustration representing access to patient information from their office

Remote Patient Monitoring

After assessing the patient’s health needs with their primary care physician, we’ll suggest any remote patient monitoring equipment that may be beneficial. Blood pressure monitors, weight scales, and glucose monitors are typical examples of equipment that we will set up in a patient’s home.

We provide all that’s needed, so your patients have the best care available in their own homes.

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