Life Care


Help Us Make Health Care Accessible

Our registered nurses are the foundation of Life Care’s approach to patient care. You are the ones who go into patients’ homes. You are the ones who hear their complaints and see their condition firsthand. You are the ones who ensure that the doctors are getting the information they need to make the best possible clinical decisions for their patients. You are the best advocates for your patients.

At Life Care, we don’t take for granted the hard work that our nurses do every day.

Start a Career with Life Care

Life Care brings health services to patients in their own homes. We believe age, location, and income level should not be barriers that inhibit anyone’s access to quality healthcare.

As a registered nurse with Life Care, you will meet patients’ in their own homes, connect them virtually with a primary care physician, and put the right services in place for them so they continue to have quality healthcare without having to leave their house.

If you’re interested in a unique approach to healthcare, being part of a team on the leading edge of technology and patient care, and truly being “care architects” with your finger on the pulse of what your patients need, then join us at Life Care. Help us make a difference.

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