Life Care

Standards & Compliance

Our Standards

At Life Care, providing the best in quality healthcare for patients and easing the workload for care providers is our dual concern. We are committed to offering services that allow doctors to make the best possible clinical decisions with the most up-to-date patient data and ensure that patients have access to quality healthcare regardless of their location, age, or income level.

We don’t believe that anyone should be limited when it comes to taking care of their own health.

What Makes Life Care Unique

Life Care is not primary care. We aim to make healthcare accessible.

We connect patients to in-home health care.

At Life Care, our primary goal is to provide quality healthcare to patients by bringing the health services they need to them in their own homes. We work with primary care physicians to make sure the right supports and resources are in place to best serve patients.

We meet patients where they are.

Our nurses and providers visit patients at home and meet them right where they live. Our nurses are certified by the state board to provide the best in quality care, so they can partner with primary care physicians to create the individualized care plan each patient requires.

We use the latest technology and internet access to provide remote telehealth visits, while the RNs assist patients to make sure there are no issues in getting the care they need. Our remote patient monitoring devices are FDA-approved, so both patient and doctor can be sure they are getting the right data to make the best possible care decisions.

We bring patients back into the world.

By providing in-home healthcare, we hope to empower patients to be involved in the world again as we remind them that they are valued and they are cared for. Everyone on our staff is committed to our core values of empathy, trust, and duty and dedicated to ongoing professional development.

Life Care. Where Care Comes to You.

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